This week got me thinking about when I learned to stop thinking cops were on my side, or if I ever thought that...

Definitely before college. Probably highschool / mid 90's.

Had a few colleagues just come to that realization this week and I'm glad for them.

How about you?

@aeva - been born in Mexico experience is a little more complicated. Where you assume the law is at the side of the highest bidder already & you call the cops only in some clear cases.

Everybody gets stopped, size of bribe to get off will be based on a perceived moving scale and sponsor's level of influence.

So the notion cops are on your side or not is an alien one

@pablobi001 thanks for sharing!

"the law is on the side of the highest bidder..." that's a whole different kind of corruption than we're facing here. Phew, I wouldn't know how to navigate that - which would probably not work out in my favor 😕

@aeva -

Funny (as in haha, not funny) is that it is embedded in society, everybody expects it. You get stopped for a traffic violation, you are expected to bribe the cop. Not doing it is seen as dumb (and dangerous), and somewhat socially wrong - as in they earn so little you are actually helping their families by giving the bribe.

One of many reasons my wife and I can not live there anymore. We never fit.

@aeva Sometime after college. As a well-off White (well, Jewish, but let's not go into this here) boy growing up, they were on my side. Combine that with a family history of firefighters & EMS (including me during college), they /were/ on my side. I knew them and sometimes worked by them to actually help people.

I knew there were problems and bad cops. I just didn't realize how pervasive the rot was until much later.

@aeva For me it depended on where I was. My dad was an EMT in New Jersey. My cousins were both cops in Delaware. (That was complicated.)

But in general as a white girl, I didn’t realize until college that cops really were not the good guys.

@aeva I was 7 when I realized cops weren't on my side.

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