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Join us on Wednesday for Open Tech Will Save Us #4! on #decentalisation, discussing the plus will be with us to discuss his Aether P2P!

@Megabeth Thanks for being understanding! I'm glad you like the server :)

Settling in ... well, it's going to take a while!

And we're back!

SparklesIn.Space was offline for a few days for a server move. Even though server moves shouldn't take that long.

It won't happen again.

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Hey folx -

I started a companion group on Facebook for technical purposes. If this instance goes down or you need technical assistance, please post there to get our attention.

Thank you!

- Monica

Yesterday, Seattle City Council voted unanimously to end drug and prostitution loitering laws! ✨

The ordinances "negatively impacted communities of color, but prostitution loitering law in particular have been used as a pretext for the Seattle Police Department to profile young women of color as suspected β€œprostitutes,” leading to unnecessary and unwarranted police interactions, background checks, unconsented and possibly illegal searches, harassment, and other harms"

Sparkles In Space was down for a day or three - I'm very sorry about that.

I'll be working on better hosting soon.

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EARN IT is not a system for interdicting criminals and predators. It's a system for enabling and maintaining the capacity for mass surveillance of EVERYONE, EXCEPT criminals and predators and anyone else with the motivation to circumvent it.

Here's the petition against EARN IT. Go fill it in. Because as 2020 has taught us, merely being pigheadedly stupid and unworkable does not disqualify a thing from happening.


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Because the commissioners who will set out the EARN IT Act's best practices are crystal clear that the iron-clad condition for messenger apps' safe harbor is allowing law enforcement to spy on their users' messages, something that is only possible if you ban encryption.

Mullin: "You can’t have an Internet where messages are screened en masse, and also have end-to-end encryption any more than you can create backdoors that can only be used by the good guys. The two are mutually exclusive."


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EARN IT is a bill that takes away online service providers' "safe harbor" (a rule that says that the company that provides your messenger app isn't liable if you use it for slander, obscenity, etc) under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

That is, unless...

Unless the service follows "best practices" - meaning rules set out by a commission chaired by the Attorney General, AKA Bill Barr.

If this sounds ominous to you, you're absolutely right.


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How do you organize a space party? You planet.

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Stopped by (*) for a couple hours last night to listen to & community leaders, singers, and poets speaking to a huge crowd. It was after 11pm and streets still full!

This lawlessness? Nah.

Its a classroom -- and a prayer hall πŸ™

(* Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone)

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Thanks to massive protests against racism and police brutality across the U.S., IBM ended its face surveillance program. Amazon is pausing police use of Rekognition for 1 year. Microsoft should be next.

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Living just outside of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone feels strange but good.

The neighborhood is the calmest it's been in years, and everyone is happy and coming together to help one another.

Shops are slowly reopening and people are greeting each other and wishing them a beautiful day.

The abandoned police barricades have become monuments of joy and art and healing.

I think things are going to be okay.

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Right now the neighborhood is the most peaceful it’s been in years. People are coming together to help each other out and a great storm has been lifted. People are smiling at each other and wishing each other a beautiful day. Everyone is helping each other out and bringing them food and supplies and making sure they’re cared for.


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that moment when you're starting to lesbian-internet-crush on someone and realize they date straight cis white men 😭

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Okay, I know I keep going on about this, but that bundle looks so awesome and I'm so glad I jumped in on it, even though I have a few of the games already in my library.

And they have resources and assets for game development and looking through it is downright inspiring, and they've raised nearly $3mil!!!!

bearing witness to current events can be doubly-hard for folks who grew up in violent environments or were the target of systemic hate πŸ’”

if you're at home and looking for more ways to help, try checking in on friends who've been on the front lines & offering them a supportive ear, a warm meal, a grocery drop

@SalusaSecondus there are many lanes to activism - there's nothing wrong with doing only what you are able to do!

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