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If you’re planning to attend a protest, read our newly updated Surveillance Self-Defense guide on the topic to prepare and protect yourself and others while you voice your dissent. #BLM

Friends who are just arriving & wondering how to get started with Mastodon, I've compiled this little list for you! πŸ’œ

10,000ft view:

general info:

migrating from twitter / fb / insta:

where to find new interesting people to follow:

where to find other instances:

what do you call it when a large group of people:

- walk together
- chant motivational slogans
- coordinate with the cops to keep traffic and business disruption to a minimum?

I call that a parade ... not a protest

trying to focus on work this morning is ... difficult πŸ™

the only thing getting me through is holding on to the belief that the encryption & privacy-preserving tools we're building will be even more important in the coming months/years

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Sex worker rights activists and encryption enthusiasts agree: EARN IT is a serious threat to digital civil liberties.

G'morning, friends! How're you doing this morning?

I hope everyone made it home safely last night πŸ’œ

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A little quiet here bc I was on Twitter tonight following the protest live feed from Seattle ... πŸ˜‘

Harm Reduction: Doxxing Prevention - Live stream just started

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Involvement of the open-source community in combating the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic: a review

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Hey friends, how're you all holding up today? πŸ’–

Beverly Hills & Santa Monica under "curfew" - starting at 1pm. So basically a militarized lockdown ...

too stressed about current events to even watch cartoons πŸ˜₯

If you're new to Mastodon and have half an hour to read about it, here are several resources. Start from the top and go as far down as you are interested in!

I'll update as I find more quality -

ok i'm pulling myself away from twitter now. it feels good "seeing" whats happening in real time but the secondary trauma of bearing witness is too much at the moment.

i'm going to focus on working on this server now

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A few lessons to pass along from 2011 btw:

* Your advice posts on Mastodon are not being read by people who are at the riots

* Those who are there won't be checking their phone. (In fact, it is probably out of battery or deliberately switched off)

* Be wary of any information you read on social media during the riots

* Don't post "urgent information" you've been told to copy and paste. It will definitely be wrong and it will definitely scare the crap out of your followers

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