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Welcome to SparkleInSpace! This is a small community-run Fediverse node, run for & by an eclectic nexus of Seattle people. We are united by our social bonds and a desire to form supportive communities, free from surveillance capitalism and alrogithmic inequity.

🚧 this instance under construction 🚧

πŸ’œ we are still figuring out how set this up πŸ’œ

Site is run by @aeva

Additional site admins:
  1. @PeacockDreams
  2. ... want to help out? DM @aeva!

Getting Started

So you're new to Mastodon. That's OK! It may feel empty at first, but then, so did your Facebook and Twitter timelines when you first got started there. You'll get the hang of this site soon enough.

The key is to find some accounts to follow. Because instances are separate and only connect when users one one instance follow a user on another instance, it may appear empty right now. I'm working on getting more content flowing in - and you can help with that. Find accounts (or friends!) on other instances and follow them; that will connect our instances.

Hashtags, favorites, and boosts (RTs) also work a little differently here because they're server-specific. When you reshare something from another server, it'll be visible by anyone on this server in their "Local Timeline"!

I've started compiling a list of resources & further reading to help y'all get acquainted with Mastodon. Give it a read - and please add anything else you found helpful!

πŸ’œ ~aeva~ πŸ’œ